May 28, 2011

I planted some potatoes several weeks back, a few on either end of the garden. The plants on the unsheltered end were nailed by heavy wind gusts which caused them to become twisted and mangled. Most of the stalks and leaves started rotting after this. ┬áThis morning I ripped them out two sow some more seed potatoes in their place. I really surprised to find about 2kg of potatoes, several of decent size. This from damaged plants that hadn’t even come to flowered. I’m looking forward to digging up the healthy plants on the sheltered end of the garden in a few weeks’ time, they should yield an impressive amount of potatoes considering today’s harvest.


Fruits of my labour

November 28, 2010

We started a vegetable garden and planted seeds.

Two months later we’re already harvesting lettuce and courgettes (and herbs too) on an almost daily basis.

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