My new internet setup at home has been delayed by Vodafone’s incompetence. What a pain.

I signed up for their naked broadband deal, which included a free wireless router. It should have arrived by now had they not sent it to the wrong street number, wrong street name, wrong city, and WRONG DAMN ISLAND.

How does one confuse Ellerslie in Auckland with an RD2 address in Ashburton, South Island? Not to mention this product is aligned with my current Vodafone mobile account which obviously states I’m in Auckland. Why would I want something sent half way down the South Island, to Ashburton, 1148kms away from Auckland.

I’ve not even used their broadband service yet and they’ve already given me reason to complain.


Hyphen fail

July 29, 2010

This blurb ran on a story in today’s Viva pullout in the Herald:

Viva’s eating out editor Nici Wickes takes us on a personal tour behind the scenes of her new TV cooking/travel show, World Kitchen

Don’t forget your hyphens, kids.