Gourmet Tuesdays

June 21, 2011

Salt and pepper squid x home-grown roast potatoes with coleslaw and sweet chilli mayo dipping sauce. I whipped this up this evening, not the most presentable but sure tasted good.


I’m glad our cops here in New Zealand aren’t like this.

Fresh carrots

June 13, 2011

I pulled these carrots from my garden this evening. I slow-roasted them in the oven with a honey-citrus glaze. They were delicious. It’s good growing your own veges. Each time I harvest something it makes me want to expand my “patch” which consists of the raised beds on my back deck along with a dozen or so tubs,¬†mainly fish bins, which are proving to be ideal. They’re much cheaper than “garden specific” plastic tubs and are also more resistant to UV damage.