December 28, 2010

This was our first attempt at tempura vegetables (actually tempura in general too) but I think we’ve nailed it. The yellow courgette is fresh from our vege garden and yes, it tasted as good as it looks.


My Lake Taupo Cycle Challenge is featured in a post here on Ray Avery/Medicine Mondiale’s blog. Rad!

Little helpers

December 6, 2010

Spotted this little guy while working in the garden this weekend. Had just enough time to snap a couple of shots before he buzzed off. The bees must be doing a great job as our tomatoes are coming along nicely. We should be harvesting the first crop very shortly.

The professional¬†photographers snapped a few great shots of me in action at Taupo. It doesn’t look that steep, but the top shot shows the infamous Hatepe Hill. You can see people in the background who’ve hopped off their bike to walk it; it’s that steep. It felt great to power up this hill passing people the whole way up. It was tough on the legs, though. Bring on the Rotorua Flyer in April, might even have a team of fixed riders doing it by then.