October 25, 2010

I’ve yet to post up any shots of my Masi Coltello, so here’s a few shots I snapped earlier in race livery. I’m getting psyched for Taupo, it’s only a month away now.

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Bicycle Swap Meet

October 24, 2010

This looks like fun. Cool poster, too. If it’s your thing you should come down to T White’s Bikes and check out the Second Hand Bike Shop’s opening event this Saturday.


Twenty-seven thousand, give or take 200. That’s the number of times my bike’s cranks will turn during this year’s Lake Taupo Cycle Challenge.

On November 27 I’ll ride in the 160km race on a track bicycle. Track bikes have only one gear and a fixed rear hub. This means I am unable to freewheel down the hills, or change down to an easier gear for the steep climbs. In short, my pace is directly relative to speed I’m pedalling at; it means my legs will not stop turning for the entire duration of the race.

I’m asking you to sponsor my effort with all money raised going to the charity Medicine Mondiale.

Medicine Mondiale is an independent development agency dedicated to a more equitable world. It develops specific solutions to the specific problems faced by the world’s poor. Using science and technology, Medicine Mondiale creates quality healthcare solutions accessible by the very people who need it most. A look through its website makes it clear that Medicine Mondiale is not about simply sending the First World’s second-hand leftovers to the Third World; it’s about understanding their problems and developing tailored solutions.

My fundraising requires you to please take the time to click through to Medicine Mondiale’s PayPal donation portal on its website. It can be found here. Why not set up a page on you may ask. Because Medicine Mondiale is about keeping administrative costs to an absolute minimum so your donation can go further.

For those willing to sponsor me by donating, I’d greatly appreciate it if you could let me know what you’ve contributed or pledge to contribute. This will allow me to keep a rolling tally of how much I’ve managed to raise.

You can follow my training progress here, or on the training tab on this blog.

Feel free to ‘attend’ my Facebook event and invite all your friends, too.

Thank you.