Here’s an article in the New Zealand Herald about a circus allowing its elephant to retire from performing.

It says 36-year-old Jumbo’s 28 years of performing will come to an end when the African elephant is “gifted to the SPCA”.

Wait, sorry. The circus is being so kind to give an elephant to a not-for-profit organisation?

Jumbo has not been “gifted”, she has been dumped on the SPCA.

The circus owns the animal, and now that she is probably too old to be of use to them they decide to dump her on an organisation which I imagine could not say no.

There’s no doubt the story was written off a press release but the real story here is how the circus is not taking responsibility for its animals once they are past their use-by-dates. It’s not how kind the circus is to give the animal a nice retirement – the story’s angle.

I’ve met this story’s author and she’s a lovely person. By no means is this a personal attack but such a story highlights how animals are simplistically viewed as disposable items in our society.

The Herald owes nothing to the circus in question, they should have ripped into them, or at least taken the time to get the SPCA’s opinion.